Christian Executive Search Firm

What is a Christian Executive Search Firm?
Successful management of any church or nonprofit organization requires experience, attention to detail and highly developed, organizational, leadership skills. This is why when any non-profit is selecting a CEO, executive director, or development director it is key that the organization choose the candidate with personal motivations, a professional background and an overall vision to match the non-profit organization’s mission. Christian non-profit organizations have more unique challenges since they operate as a specialized niche within the non-profit world. A Christian executive search firm can provide the support and resources necessary to find and recruit exceptional talent. Once a successful leadership teams are developed, non-profits are able to more confidently find solutions to common problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Why Choose Christian Executive Search Firms?
Christian non-profit organizations must have people with the right combination of competencies, experience, vision, and drive in leadership positions. The demand for executives with these qualities and talents is intensifying, and successful organizations recognize that human capital is the single most valuable and indispensable asset in achieving excellence. The right leader must not only understand the mission and culture of the non-profit, but must also collaborate and work with the staff, board, stakeholders and longtime financial supporters. A Christian executive search firm clearly understands the specific needs of a Christian non-profit organization and will provide the knowledge, experience and high quality service an executive search firm without this special expertise can not offer. Christian executive search firms have a thorough comprehension of the Christian non-profit marketplace, as well as a vast network of contacts with which to being the executive search process.

How Can Christian Executive Search Specialists Assist Your Organization?

1. Christian Executive Search Firms Have National Contacts for Qualified Candidates
Any successful executive search firm specializing in non-profit and christian organizations has a vast network of highly-qualified candidates for an open position. This network allows the organization to avoid spending time making contacts and attempting to reach out to potential candidates. Let the executive search firm present candidates from a variety of locations who have already been vetted and had resume reviews. The field of choices will be narrowed more easily and no time is wasted with this kind of support.

2. Christian Executive Search Firms Know the Structure, Goals and Unique Needs of Christian Nonprofits
Faith-based non-profit organizations are a niche. Many general executive search companies can not understand the faith-based or the not for profit aspect, and therefore offer little insight into the best choices for leadership and management. It’s essential that a non-profit organization find candidates with the ability to understand and work successfully within the nonprofit structure and to align themselves with the goals of the organization in a deeply personal way.

3. Experienced Christian Executive Search Firms Save Your Organization Time and Money
An executive search firm with a focus on Christian non-profits allows organizations to avoid the learning curve of traditional executive search companies and therefore saves time and money during the recruitment process. The cost of manpower for collecting inquiries, reviewing candidates, and having the final decision approved by board members is also saved when a professionally trained non-profit executive search team manages these tasks. Organization staff are then left to do what they do best, manage day to day operations, programs and fundraising.

As the saying goes, when you need expertise hire an expert. Christian executive search firms help any Christian non-profit organization find the leadership it needs to continue success well in to the future and make a time of transition smooth and simple.

We specialize in conducting non-profit executive search and recruitment services for these types of positions: President/CEO, Executive Director, Director of Development, Vice President of Advancement, as well as many other types of Vice President-, Director-, and C-level positions (CFO, COO, etc.) within non-profit organizations.

Keystone Consulting Services has assisted hundreds of faith-based organizations including Christian schools, colleges, camps, churches, and para-church mission and ministry organizations in finding and recruiting top talent for fundraising and executive leadership positions. Each of our team members possesses a strong sense of Christian calling and service and--while we do not work exclusively with faith-based organizations--we concentrate largely on working with Christian ministries.

Our goal as an organization is that each of our clients will grow to become the best it can be within God’s plan for that organization. Consequently, our team is not only committed to helping clients recruit staff, but also to advancing the cause of Christ through each ministry we serve.

Our team members have worked with clients in North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, Missouri, Hawaii and Alaska (among others), as well as in
Canada and several countries overseas, including the United Kingdom, European Union, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and others.

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