Non-Profit Executive Recruiting Firm

What is a Non-Profit Executive Recruiting Firm?

A non-profit executive recruiting firm specializes in finding the most qualified individuals to advance the mission of a non-profit organization and lead it to success. From executive directors to organizational development directors, non-profits need experienced leaders. Working with a non-profit executive recruiting firm helps ensure that you find these leaders.

What Kind of Non-Profits Can Be Helped by an Executive Recruiting Firm?

Any non-profit, regardless of size or annual budget can benefit from an executive recruitment process that helps locate the right person for your organization. The time and effort taken up by organizational staff managing this process can be handled in a much more efficient and ultimately more effective manner by a qualified executive recruitment firm.

What Positions Can Non-Profit Executive Recruitment Firms Help Fill?

A non-profit executive recruiting firm can be utilized to find an ideal candidate for any open position your organization might have. From Executive Director to Development Director, to talented people in Marketing, Public Relations, and Volunteer Management, a non-profit executive recruitment firm works to locate just the right person to help move your organization forward.

What Are the Top Three Services Non-Profit Executive Recruitment Firms Provide?

1. Non-Profit Executive Recruitment Marketing and Advertising

Non-profit executive recruitment firms provide all the services needed to effectively market and advertise your organization’s open position in a way that produces a list of the most qualified individuals. Firms have the know-how and connections to most effectively create awareness of the opportunities with your organization.

Non-Profit Executive Candidate Evaluation and Interviewing

After a short-list of candidates has been created, the executive recruitment firm evaluates each potential candidate through metrics developed early in the hiring process in collaboration with the non-profit. This evaluation process includes managing the interviews of each potential candidate and reporting those findings to the non-profit organization.

Non-Profit Executive Reference and Background Checks

Finding the right person for your organization requires an in-depth understanding of the separate backgrounds of each applicant. This involves an executive search firm utilizing different methods to confirm a potential hire’s work history, personal background, and references. A firm effectively researches the background qualifications of each potential hire to ensure that your organization is getting the people with the best track record for success.

We specialize in conducting non-profit executive search and recruitment services for these types of positions: President/CEO, Executive Director, Director of Development, Vice President of Advancement, as well as many other types of Vice President-, Director-, and C-level positions (CFO, COO, etc.) within non-profit organizations.

With our corporate office in North Carolina and full-time consultants living in several states, our team at Keystone Consulting has served organizations
across the United States.

Our team members have worked with clients in North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, Missouri, Hawaii and Alaska (among others), as well as in
Canada and several countries overseas, including the United Kingdom, European Union, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and others.

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